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Patent No: US10,239,191,B2 Invention-"A dual fastener manipulation device" click here for detail

A patent pending DUAL FASTENER MANIPULATION DEVICE to solve decades of fastener tighten issue that I recently launched project.
For decades even centuries, when tightening or loosing bolted joint fasteners, the mechanic had used two separate wrenches. One wrench is used to tighten or loosen the nut, and the other wrench is used to hold the bolt head to prevent rotation. Normally, the mechanic spends a lot of twists and turns trying to put the wrench in the correct position to couple the bolt head and nut. More often, when they are applying the force, the wrench is easy to slide from the nut and the bolt head due to the fact that each hand is simultaneously scattered in the direction of rotation of the nut and the axial direction of the bolt, resulting in inefficiency, bolt head or nut to be damaged easily, and the controllability of the operation is extremely poor. Even more serious when the wrench falls out of control, it is easy to hurt the mechanic‘s hand. If the nut and the bolt head are separated by material, it is hard to see both ends of joint, the harm will become much worse. For a long time this has been plagued by mechanics as an efficiency issue, it has been even more worried as a safety risk to mechanics, factories and enterprises. To solve this problem, I developed A DUAL FASTENER MANIPULATION DEVICE - a patent pending  manual tool. With this tool, the mechanic can easily put the wrench in the correct position, safely lock nut and bolt head onto mutual position. Instead of trying hard working on both end of the joint at a tight space, a mechanic just need to work on one end of the joint at open space efficiently and securely tightening or loosening nuts.
This device will not only help mechanics at work with safer, efficient working mechanism, but it will also benefit millions people like you working on similar tasks at your own home.
I am looking for leasing this patent pending invention, or selling the invention. Please contact me if you are interested to learn more about the invention.

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