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Our Value to Clients:

As a team of engineering professionals with a combined range of 5 to 30+ years of progressive experience, we consistently deliver impactful results. Our core strengths lie in our dedication to solving customer problems, expertise in analytics and design, and our ability to thrive in collaborative team environments. Our track record demonstrates our proficiency as a valuable resource for mechanical system design, development, and product support.

We possess the ideal blend of hands-on technical expertise and strong business acumen, enabling us to craft project plans that strategically position your company for success.

Furthermore, we prioritize customer satisfaction by actively listening to their needs, addressing their concerns with innovative solutions, and transforming their aspirations into reality.

Client's quote

" Xiaoming,

I know very well who you are and how well Mike speaks of you.  you don't need to be visible to be recognized!  When you walk into a room or pass by I know who you are and I know that you are a valued member of our team.

I appreciate ...., most importantly I know you are trusted by those you work with.

Thank you,"

           - From General Manager


Wanted to make sure you saw this and saw the very real, very marketable features the Gen II linkage is giving our machines. This is what great innovation, great work and attention to detail deliver for our product. Thanks for all your innovation and efforts.
I am very fortunate to have such an innovative and technically skilled team working on critical items like this.

Thanks! "
           - From Engineering Supervisor


Congratulations on a well deserved promotion.....You are a talented engineer and a great asset to both BCP and Caterpillar and I would have you on my team any day.  
Well done and best wishes for a long and successful career at Cat."

             - From Engineering Director

"......The (eyeball) design is a magic!, this (eyeball design) will sell machines!......"

             - From Chief Engineer

"Xiaoming has a great mind. His ideas are very creative, and I often envy his ability to think outside of the box. His lighthearted personality makes him easy to talk to and a great person to work with."

"You are very creative and hard working. And you are always willing to drop everything and help out whenever I have a question."

"Truly dedicated to deliver the best design while innovating and providing great new ideas and concepts."

"No matter what task he is given, he puts 100% into the work and never complains."

"Excellent work ethic"

"Xiaoming is a hard worker who always puts in the extra effort to ensure his designs meet the customer's needs. He is a great asset to the team with his time and experience in the SWL group. He is always in a good mood."

             - From Profession Experts

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