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Our Founder’s Story: A Testament to Ingenuity and Determination

At 2IS, we pride ourselves on our innovative solutions and relentless determination. Our founder's personal journey is a perfect example of this spirit. Faced with a daunting kidney stone, he refused to accept surgery as the only option. Instead, through sheer ingenuity and perseverance, he devised a one-of-a-kind solution that amazed even his doctors. This experience is a testament to the creative problem-solving and unwavering commitment we bring to every project.

Just as he found an unconventional way to overcome a personal challenge, our team is dedicated to finding unique and effective solutions for our clients. Discover more about how we can turn challenges into successes for you.

Here is the story by our founder:


The Kidney Stone Miracle: A Unique Triumph Against All Odds

That year, my life was completely disrupted by a kidney stone. The X-ray revealed a stone measuring 10 millimeters long and 5 millimeters thick. The doctor advised me to undergo surgery in a month to remove the stone from my kidney.

Surgery? No way! I was determined to find an unconventional solution. First, I needed to move the stone from my kidney to my bladder. So, I started drinking water like crazy, filling myself up like a water tank, and then jumping up and down hundreds of times each day, like a dedicated dancer striving for the perfect move.

A few weeks later, three days before the scheduled surgery, I was jumping as usual when suddenly, I felt a pressure and realized the stone had dropped into my bladder with a weight that nearly took my breath away. I had done it!


But a new challenge arose—how to expel the stone from my bladder? Was there another way besides surgery? I decided to take a daring approach. I drank even more water until my bladder was almost ready to burst. Then, I went to the bathroom to face the ultimate showdown with the stone. I tightly pinched the opening of my urethra and began to urinate forcefully. The urine was blocked, creating immense pressure in the bladder and urethra. I waited for the right moment and then released my grip. The 10-millimeter long, 5-millimeter thick stone shot out like a bullet, miraculously without damaging any organs.

In that moment, I was overwhelmed with excitement. I immediately called the hospital to cancel the surgery. The doctor on the other end of the line could hardly believe my story. This was possibly the only method in the world thought of and successfully executed by just one person. I, an ordinary person, had created a small miracle through sheer determination and ingenuity.

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