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Patent No: US10,239,191,B2 Invention-"A dual fastener manipulation device"

I am excited to introduce a patented design, the DUAL FASTENER MANIPULATION DEVICE, aimed at solving the long-standing issue of tightening fasteners.

For decades, even centuries, mechanics have used two separate wrenches to tighten or loosen bolted joint fasteners. One wrench is used for the nut, while the other holds the bolt head to prevent rotation. This process often involves a lot of maneuvering to position the wrenches correctly. Moreover, applying force frequently causes the wrenches to slip off the nut and bolt head, leading to inefficiency, potential damage to the fasteners, and poor control. This slipping can also result in hand injuries. The problem is exacerbated when the nut and bolt head are separated by material, making both ends of the joint hard to see. For a long time, this has plagued mechanics as both an efficiency issue and a safety risk to workers and factories alike.

To address this, we developed the DUAL FASTENER MANIPULATION DEVICE—a patented manual tool. With this device, a mechanic can easily position the wrench correctly, securely locking the nut and bolt head in place. Instead of struggling with both ends of the joint in tight spaces, a mechanic only needs to work on one end in an open space, efficiently and safely tightening or loosening nuts.

This device will not only help mechanics work more safely and efficiently but will also benefit millions of people like you working on similar tasks at home.

I am looking to lease or sell this patented invention. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Thank you for your attention!

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