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2IS Friendship Care Program (FCP)


    Complimentary Design Services:
        Free initial design concept, with options for additional revisions or consultations at a discounted 


    Referral Rewards:
        $800 commission for business referrals, with a tiered system for additional rewards.
        Public recognition for customers who refer others.

    24/7 Consulting:
        Free technical consulting available 24/7 via multiple channels.
        Strategic advice to help customers grow their business.

    Knowledge Sharing:
        Regular updates on new technologies and industry trends.
        Access to an online resource library.

    Annual and Ongoing Appreciation Events:
        Annual appreciation event with exclusive previews and networking opportunities.
        Smaller meet-ups and webinars throughout the year.

    Loyalty and Community Building:
        Personalized gifts and discounts for milestones.
        Online community forum for customer interaction and support.


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